Spirit And The Bride – The Fall Of Man

A colleague sent me a link to some of his latest works today – a beautifully thought-out spatial expanse that is The Fall Of Man by Spirit And The Bride. I was on a serious Duran Duran listening kick but after previewing a few tracks, I instantly switched head spaces and found myself needing to review this record. This is my first official record review!

The influences of the individual band members read as modern yet sophisticated and that sums up the production and songwriting on tracks such as “Will Death Alone”, “Golden Calf”, and “Childish Mind”, each of which have their own gentle yet dark feel. At times, the record reaches into the jazz & psychedelic realms too much for my taste but the sonic landscape keeps my interest without a doubt. Additionally, fans of those genres will enjoy how Spirit And The Bride approach them.

I feel the need to know big words when I listen to these songs, and to wax poetic, and to isolate myself in a dark room – but it’s not because I wear black and like goth music, it’s because The Fall Of Man hits you in a primitive place and it picks up where some other dreamy music leaves off.

I will say that the band labels themselves as darkwave/dreampop which I think may be a bit of a disservice. I hear the genre “darkwave” and I think of Clan Of Xymox or Danse Society but I get what they’re going for.

Recommended if you like Japan, Dead Can Dance, Austra, Jeff Buckley, Tori Amos, World Of Skin -  as well as jazz & psychedelia that I know nothing about so I can’t drop any of those artist names.

and listen on The Facelift here