Yowsa Yowsa Yowsa

my superheroine on cloud 9 stance

I just cannot contain the immense joy I feel from the past few days. I had the extreme pleasure and honor of recording some of the most talented musicians at one of the most historical studios. As you may or may not know, I’m not good with words. So I’ll just say, HOLY SHIT.

In the late ’70s when I was a kid, my mom listened to a lot of disco, and I grew particularly fond of Chic. I didn’t know why but I knew for certain that I wanted to dance, dance, dance. And I really wanted to know what “Yowsa, yowsa, yowsa” meant. I had the 8-track of their self-titled 1977 release and kept it long after 8-track players had gone outta style.

Going into puberty, I discovered new wave, which was basically disco made by musicians with cooler hair, clothes and makeup. And YES. I was a big Duranie. I’m proud to say I’ve been on 45 between 6th and Broadway…

In 1983-84, a supergroup was formed with members of Duran Duran and Chic. They named themselves after the studio in New York where they recorded, The Power Station. The bassist from Chic, Bernard Edwards produced the record. Also at that time, the guitarist from Chic, Nile Rodgers produced several great records including David Bowie’s Let’s Dance, Madonna’s Like A Virgin, INXS’ “Original Sin” and Duran Duran’s Notorious.

Flash Forward to now where I sat behind the Neve 8088 console in Studio A at The Power Station (now called Avatar Studios), twiddling knobs and pushing record for tracks from an upcoming album by Jean Morisson. She and the producer, Diego Paul Sanchez wrangled together an amazing team including Vernon Reid (from Living Color) and Nile Rodgers to both play guitar. Just. Pinch. Me. I worked in the studio where so much magic and history was made and I was an active participant in a new piece of magical history.

In addition to the fantastic rhythm section of Nick Baglio (drums) and Darion Alexander (bass), and with the help of Jerry Barnes (current bassist for Chic), several other musicians graced us with their talent, including Raymond Angry (The Roots), Sherrod Barnes, and Cedric Mitchell.

Vernon Reid, Hillary Johnson, Nile Rodgers

with Vernon Reid & Nile Rodgers - photo by Larry Baglio

L>R: Lucia Chang (Sidecar Management), Nile Rodgers, Nick Baglio, Jean Morisson, Vernon Reid, Jerry Barnes, Hillary Johnson, Darion Alexander, Diego Paul Sanchez, Tino Passante - photo by Larry Baglio

in Studio A at Avatar Studios

Hillary & Diego - engineer & producer recreation shot

Jason Corsaro & Bernard Edwards during the recording of The Power Station's LP