Hi-Fi Hillary’s Open Letter To Miley Cyrus

Dear Miley,

You don’t know me. I’m not familiar with the majority of your music. But I have to tell you that I can’t get “Wrecking Ball” out of my head, so props to you! It’s a solid pop song and I only know it because of this recent publicists’ wet dream.

If you’re wondering who I am, I am simply a 20-year veteran of the music recording industry. As far as my “open letter to Miley Cyrus” goes, after reading Sinéad’s opinion and Amanda Palmers’ opinion (btw, kudos, Amanda) and the marketing guy from the AriZona Iced Tea company’s opinion I thought it would be fun to write my own “open letter to Miley Cyrus” and hope that my friends might share it and tweet about it and when pop culture fans type “open letter to Miley Cyrus” into a Google search it’ll have enough instances of the phrase “open letter to Miley Cyrus” that it will come up in the search results and then I’ll get some attention myself. Attention would be fun, right? Maybe my site would get some new hits. Maybe I’ll get some new letters from young girls wanting to be like me when they grow up. Heck, maybe you’ll even want to make a record with me!

However, I am curious about a few things…What brand of red lipstick are you wearing in the video? It’s fantastic! And was it a real wrecking ball? Was it cold? Brrr…! Also, would it be possible to dye your hair black for the next video? It would be super hot now that your hair is short and shaved. I know I would watch it over and over for sure. But a blue-black, not like that brown-black that shows up here and again.  Blue-black is cool. Except when it bleeds onto your pillowcase.

Hi-Fi Hillary


<rant> quality over quantity is a lifestyle choice. </rant>

but i just outgrew my ipod.

Buying Music Sucks

Is it so difficult to offer high-quality music downloads?
I know, I know… we’re moving towards cloud-based music streaming BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t care about quality!
I know, I know… ISP speeds are too slow to accommodate lossless or WAV streaming.
Why does it have to be so hard to buy FLAC, ALAC or WAV files?
I mean, really?!

Thank you JunoDownload.com and Qobuz for offering options (at a higher price sometimes, that’s fine). Can everyone else step up, please? There’s only a handful.

Why should sound quality be so secondary. Urgh…