NYC. 1995. Vitapup.

I’m on, I’m on FIRE!

An old bandmate of mine posted a cry for help on thee social network today looking for an out-of-print 7″ by the mid-’90s top-notch post-rock NYC trio Vitapup. But I couldn’t just rip the record and post a link for him and call it a day. OH NO CHRISO! I had to go and rip their three hard-to-find 7″s, clean ’em up, scan the art and share the genius that was Vitapup.

I moved to New York in 1993 and soon found myself going to many shows at The Garage, an autoshop converted into a DIY alterna-venue in the East Village (which is now a Duane Reade drugstore, thank you gentrification) where I would watch Melissa York, Greg Griffith & Ray Heatley kick serious butt. Their shows were legendary to the people that were around at the time. Their energy was insurmountable.

Vitapup released three 7″s and a full length CD/LP basically all in one year. Greg produced their records (I recorded and mixed some of it as well back when I thought just going by my first name would be a good idea – pffff!) and his affinity for roomy drum mics always inspired me. I was happy to be a part of the family…

Vitapup “Dragonfly”


Vitapup 7″ (1995, Thrill Jockey)
Dragonfly 7″ (1995, Full City Blend)
I Need It 7″ (1995, Mute America)
An Hour With Vitapup LP/CD (1995, Plump)

DOWNLOAD all three 7″s:
[Apple Lossless]
[320kbps VBR MP3]

[BUY the full length – it’s fantastic!]

Track Listings:

I Need It 7″
Side A: I Need It
Side B: Fuck My Head

Dragonfly 7″
Side A: Dragonfly
Side B: Floxin

Vitapup 7″
Side A: Disbelief
Side B: Laxative Cat, My Abortion