NYC. 1994. Nilla.

Answering machines. Taco Bell. Long Island. The Gas Station on Avenue B. Band members switching instruments for almost every song. These are things that come up in my head when I think of Nilla. Nilla were a young, fun, messy and silly-yet-serious guitar band that played in NYC in the mid-’90s. They came into the studio where I worked then (Spa Recording) and we did an late night marathon session, recording a few songs for a cassette release, including “Say Goodbye” that was also released on a compilation titled Compilation Shmompilation (Red Room Records 1995).

I just pulled a My Favorite track off this comp for an upcoming collection of their material I’ll be mastering and had to listen to “Say Goodbye” about 5 times in a row to keep the smile on my face.

Nilla “Say Goodbye”

Nilla at Spa Recording 1994

Nilla at Spa Recording ’94

Nilla performing at The Gas Station Dec '94

Nilla performing at The Gas Station Dec ’94

[320kbps VBR MP3]

[BUY the comp – it’s fun!]

Frank (just Frank) – Very Rare. Live at Wierd.

I have always vowed to never do live sound – for the sake of my ears, primarily, and for the sake of not having to deal with bands I don’t like. The studio is just a more controlled environment and when you record something you can be as precise as you like. There’s no ‘rewind’ button in a live performance.

With that said, I recently I started doing live sound for a weekly coldwave/minimal synth night called Wierd. Last night was the first night I brought along a new toy/helpful tool – an iPad – and recorded the band’s set… and it turned out pretty good!

Here’s 4 tracks from Frank (just Frank) – Very Rare. The mixes aren’t perfect because obviously, it was mixed for the crowd… but don’t harass me!





Audio Quality: 320kpbs
File Size: 41MB

and psst, buy their record (vinyl or CD).

Buying Music Sucks

Is it so difficult to offer high-quality music downloads?
I know, I know… we’re moving towards cloud-based music streaming BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t care about quality!
I know, I know… ISP speeds are too slow to accommodate lossless or WAV streaming.
Why does it have to be so hard to buy FLAC, ALAC or WAV files?
I mean, really?!

Thank you and Qobuz for offering options (at a higher price sometimes, that’s fine). Can everyone else step up, please? There’s only a handful.

Why should sound quality be so secondary. Urgh…

NYC. 1995. Vitapup.

I’m on, I’m on FIRE!

An old bandmate of mine posted a cry for help on thee social network today looking for an out-of-print 7″ by the mid-’90s top-notch post-rock NYC trio Vitapup. But I couldn’t just rip the record and post a link for him and call it a day. OH NO CHRISO! I had to go and rip their three hard-to-find 7″s, clean ’em up, scan the art and share the genius that was Vitapup.

I moved to New York in 1993 and soon found myself going to many shows at The Garage, an autoshop converted into a DIY alterna-venue in the East Village (which is now a Duane Reade drugstore, thank you gentrification) where I would watch Melissa York, Greg Griffith & Ray Heatley kick serious butt. Their shows were legendary to the people that were around at the time. Their energy was insurmountable.

Vitapup released three 7″s and a full length CD/LP basically all in one year. Greg produced their records (I recorded and mixed some of it as well back when I thought just going by my first name would be a good idea – pffff!) and his affinity for roomy drum mics always inspired me. I was happy to be a part of the family…

Vitapup “Dragonfly”


Vitapup 7″ (1995, Thrill Jockey)
Dragonfly 7″ (1995, Full City Blend)
I Need It 7″ (1995, Mute America)
An Hour With Vitapup LP/CD (1995, Plump)

DOWNLOAD all three 7″s:
[Apple Lossless]
[320kbps VBR MP3]

[BUY the full length – it’s fantastic!]

Track Listings:

I Need It 7″
Side A: I Need It
Side B: Fuck My Head

Dragonfly 7″
Side A: Dragonfly
Side B: Floxin

Vitapup 7″
Side A: Disbelief
Side B: Laxative Cat, My Abortion