7, count ’em, 7 teeth extracted

Since the teeth are in the head, Mr Pink must have one hell of a headache right now. But what a cute new smile he has. It makes up for the huge vet bill. So much for that 2011 vacation. 4 major teeth (including his top canines) and 3 incisors were extracted.

Help The Teeth Of Mr. Pink!

Mr. Pink wants your cash!

The time has come to say bye-bye to a few of Mr. Pink’s teeth, including his two upper canines, which are broken and rotted. Bye-bye baby, bye-bye.

If you have some extra green stuff (cash, not Greenies treats) and feel so inclined to help me pay the vet bill I would be extremely thankful and Mr. Pink will lick you when he sees you next to show his gratitude.

Here’s an ugly Paypal button to show you how much I can use your help… on a serious tip, this stuff’s stupid expensive…