Wiring an Elco snake at Future Shock

Timelapse GoPro video of wiring a 16-channel Elco snake for the new console at Future Shock Studio.

Building a custom mastering console for Paul Gold/Salt Mastering

Paul Gold at Salt Mastering designed a new console for himself and I helped him build it, including stuffing circuit boards, building tureted patchbays, and all the power & audio wiring on the console itself.
IMG_0048 IMG_0046 IMG_0047 IMG_0227 IMG_0164 salt_powersupply1 salt_pot2  salt_pot3 salt_patchbay3 IMG_7919 IMG_7617 IMG_6870 IMG_6022

Building the Big Brother truck for All Mobile Video

We started with this empty shell of a truck.
IMG_8126 amv_8209

Then somewhere along the way got to this point.

With the help of all of this stuff.
amv_8135 amv_8133x

I make them pretty.
amv_8212 amv_bysam9

Dust and dirt are bad.

Oh dust and dirt, why do you have to exist? To keep us clean? To make us cough? To make us think there’s something wrong with our electronics?
All of the above, I suppose.

Just a friendly reminder to open up your power amps/receivers/anything with vents that circulate air (or should circulate air) and clean them out regularly.
You can get a can of compressed air from the Shack or any electronics store, or if you’re serious, you should invest $50 in a DataVac electric duster.

fans collect thee dust

volume pots collect thee dust

If you’re having issues with your signal dropping out, the volume/gain pots probably could stand to be cleaned and excercised. DeOxit is great stuff…

Vinyl Record & Vinyl Control DJs… Attention!

No sound coming out when you plug your cartridge in to the tone arm on your turntable?
Only hearing one side?
Poor calibration in Serato/Traktor?

Don’t blow into the tone arms, please. The little bit of saliva does not help any humidity situation that may already exist.

Could be oxidation. This video is great… I don’t have and have never used a Dremel doing this but you get the idea…