Vinyl Record & Vinyl Control DJs… Attention!

No sound coming out when you plug your cartridge in to the tone arm on your turntable?
Only hearing one side?
Poor calibration in Serato/Traktor?

Don’t blow into the tone arms, please. The little bit of saliva does not help any humidity situation that may already exist.

Could be oxidation. This video is great… I don’t have and have never used a Dremel doing this but you get the idea…

Dirty and semi-functional… but cheap as hell

it’s dirty. some stuff works, some stuff doesn’t

these mixers work to a certain extent, i’ve had to take them out of service because of drinks spilled on them or other various issues so if you’re looking for a fully functioning mixer, these aren’t them, however, you might get lucky and with a little TLC you’ll have a fully-functioning one… no power supplies.
– (2) Gemini PS626EFX $25 each
– (2) Numark DM950 $20 each
– Furman DJM6 $20

– Yamaha RXV395 receiver $25
– Technics SLPD9 cd changer [untested but clean] $10