NYC. 1994. Nilla.

Answering machines. Taco Bell. Long Island. The Gas Station on Avenue B. Band members switching instruments for almost every song. These are things that come up in my head when I think of Nilla. Nilla were a young, fun, messy and silly-yet-serious guitar band that played in NYC in the mid-’90s. They came into the studio where I worked then (Spa Recording) and we did an late night marathon session, recording a few songs for a cassette release, including “Say Goodbye” that was also released on a compilation titled Compilation Shmompilation (Red Room Records 1995).

I just pulled a My Favorite track off this comp for an upcoming collection of their material I’ll be mastering and had to listen to “Say Goodbye” about 5 times in a row to keep the smile on my face.

Nilla “Say Goodbye”

Nilla at Spa Recording 1994

Nilla at Spa Recording ’94

Nilla performing at The Gas Station Dec '94

Nilla performing at The Gas Station Dec ’94

[320kbps VBR MP3]

[BUY the comp – it’s fun!]