Hi-Fi Hillary : Nothing Changes Playlist 2/18/15

D.A.F. – Liebe Auf Den Ersten Blick
Krisma – Cathode Mamma
Kindest Lines – Baltimore

Linea Aspera – Younger Dryas
Makina Girgir – Vie Absurde
Martin Dupont – I Met the Beast
M.E.S.H. – Meet Every Situation Head On
Psychic TV – Love War Riot
Clock DVA – The Hacker
Dirty Harry – D Bop (Razormaid Mix)
Ortrotasce – World Un Related
Skeleton Head – Things Inside
Pawns – Technical Age
The The – Uncertain Smile
Chris & Cosey – Dancing Ghosts
Underworld – Dirty Epic
Cabaret Voltaire – Kino
Primal Scream – Slip Inside This House
Psyche – Unveiling The Secret
Skinny Puppy – Stairs And Flowers
He Said – Watch, Take Care